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Living, sharing and teaching the good life

Shannon & Sonny carrying a milking pail full of fresh milk from the milking shed
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Meet the family

Leaving behind a life of unfulfilling long days of

work and little time with their loved ones

Shannon, Julie and Sonny dived into a

new adventure of living Self Sufficiently

through braided farming techinques

allowing them to create valuable learning

opportunities together, experience a

richer connection to nature and

improve the environment around them now and

for many generations to come.

With a great passion to share their skills

and knowledge with others the workshops

and farm tours are valuable for both

the curious beginner and

the more experienced homesteader.

Using Permaculture, Biodynamics, holistic

management, regen ag and ancestorial farming

knowledge to build a joyful and rich life has been

a dream come true.

At Blue Marble Farm we live and farm differently to support the future of our planet.

We are passionate about sharing, guiding, and mentoring others to achieve freedom with a focus on family and health within a farming lifestyle.

To share the range of skills we have learnt and developed with farming families through on-farm learning, homesteading workshops, permaculture coaching, and alternative farming mentorship. Together, building an Earth-connected, self-reliant life, providing for ourselves and our local communities while creating a sustainable income to continue supporting future generations of farmers.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Plant Outline Illustration
Plant Outline Illustration
Plant Outline Illustration

Over the last year we have been a part of one of the SCU "farming together" projects and case studies.

The case study summary is looking great in the flesh.

Page 1 of a Case Study report into regenerative farming
Page 2 of a case study report into regenerative farming

Farm tours & Workshops

Bring your family along to learn about alternative farming,

wonder the gardens and meet some sweet new animal friends.

Self-sufficiency Workshops

Learn a new skills. Everything from cheese making, fermented foods, herbal makes, how to milk a cow. Get a taste of the life of a homesteader.

Permaculture Coaching & courses

If you would love to explore the world of Permaculture but aren’t sure where to start or need some guidance we can help with our Permaculture coaching services.

Speaking engagements

Julie & Shannon are available to speak about their journey into the good life, alternative farming, homesteading & all the crazy bits in between

For bookings email us

Calves at feeding time at the trough
Grape vines climbing up verandah to provide summer shade to the house
Country box full of fresh homemade and grown produce

Workshop Your Way To Self Sufficiency

I love presenting workshops on all things homesteading!

We have recently presented workshops on beginner cheesemaking & fermented foods, and we held an on-site farm tour. We will have many more upcoming workshops over the next few months including more cheesemaking classes, house cow ownership class and herbal makes. Get in contact with us for more information and to book in, either call us on 0439001992 or email

Upcoming Workshops

Calling all cheese enthusiasts and aspiring homesteaders! Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of cheese making - the homesteading way!

In our exclusive workshop, you'll learn the art of crafting delicious dairy from scratch, right in the heart of your own homestead kitchen. No fancy gadgets, just pure, wholesome ingredients and the magic of cutlure!

📅 Date: Sun 7th July

⏰ Time: 10am-1.30pm

📍 Location: The Never Never, Dorrigo

Cost: $75 per person

🎟️ Limited spots available, so grab yours now! Email or call 0439001992 to secure your spot and embark on a journey of delicious discovery.

No prior experience required - just bring your passion for homesteading and an appetite for cheesemaking!

Permaculture Farming Courses

Get ready for an immersive experience right here on our farm as we gear up to offer a series of permaculture courses in 2024! Whether you're a novice eager to explore the foundations of permaculture or a seasoned practitioner looking to refine your skills, our courses will cater to various levels of expertise.

Our courses will cover a spectrum of topics, including sustainable gardening, water conservation, organic pest management, soil health, and more. We believe in the power of hands-on learning, so expect practical workshops where you can actively apply permaculture principles amidst the beauty of our farm.

At the heart of our courses is a commitment to community building. We want participants to not only learn from us but also each other. Engage in group activities, farm tours, and networking sessions that foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Recent Workshop Feedback

“That was the best experience in my whole life”-W

“Dream Workshop”-H

“Thank you Julie. I really enjoyed it. Learning the art of cheesemaking, meeting new people, making connections and testing everything was amazing. Love ya work”-J

“We are always so inspired by these workshops, by you & your family”- N

“You were instrumental in me getting started, I’m loving making cheese”-S


We love sharing our kitchen adventures (or as Mr. Farmer says " the science experiments").

There's always beautiful big jars of fermenting goodies on the benches, on tops of cupboards or in the fridge.

The comforting smell of fresh baked bread, the crispy snap of a biscuit or the sounds of licking runny jam from little fingers.

The kitchen is the hub not just of the house but the entire farm, its where conversations occur, decisions are made, the gluts deposited waiting for magical transformations, herbs hang, old traditional remedies are created, and family gather.

Antique kitchen books and utensils

Chocolate Choko cake


315g wholemeal organic flour

400g rapadura sugar

1tsp baking podwer

1tsp baking soda

1tsp cinnamon powder

205g olive oil

2 heaper tablespoons cocoa

3 eggs

600g Choko

Cake Doodle Illustration


Preheat oven 160C. Grease & flour cake tin.

Peel choko and coarsly grate, squeezing out excess liquid.

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, combine on medium speed. Pour batter into tin. Bake 60 mins or til skewer comes out clean.

Enjoy and try to get a slice for yourself before the kids (& hubby) find it.

Choko chocolate cake

Avo choc mousse/ ice cream


2x avo flesh 1/4 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup cream 1/2tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup maple syrup

Cake Doodle Illustration


Put all ingredients in a blender til smooth. Serve as a mousse or freeze for an avo choc ice cream.

Avocado mousse
Floral Flower Vector

Brown Sugar


200g Raw/White sugar

2Tbsp molasses

Cake Doodle Illustration


Combine both ingredients in food possessor til you are happy with the texture and all the molasses is thoroughly combined with the sugar

Homemade brown sugar

Whats been happening on farm?

Shannon getting beautiful cow kisses from "Cookie" the Fresian Housecow

Quince & HoneyHarvest

Each year I watch in wonder at the delicate and beautiful quince flowers that form on the sprawling branches of our little tree with her soft velvety leaves and bees busily about their work. The flowers evolving into tiny buds of fruit, slowly growing larger, covered in a soft coating. Gradually becoming more yellow and readying to drop to the ground. The fruit stay quite firm, softening on cooking and turning into a beautiful red hue. We delight in the smells and tastes of quince jam, poached, syups and pastes. Then the leaves dropping from her branches for the winter, resting for the coming Spring of growth and the cycle begins again.

Harvesting our own honey is such a treat!

All of us in a circle around the frames, watching the knife slide across the caps, the honey slowly dripping in a golden stream into the base of the spinner. We practice gentle harvesting with our bees, choosing the minimum time of disturbance, guided by mooncycles, biodynamic practices and holistic principles. Knowing that we grow a large diversity of flowering plants to offer a range of pollen throughout all seasons and access to plenty of water we hope we are creating a happy environment for our native bees, solitary bees and our European honey bees. We often see blue bandeds, teddy bears, capenter and cabonaras sharing a single flower happily knowing there is enough for all.

Permaculture Journey

Official Permaculture Designers

We have been living a permaculture life for some time but now it's official! Sonny and I are proud to announce the successful completion of our Permaculture Design Certificates. This achievement deepens our understanding of sustainable farming practices and empowers us to share our knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. Additionally, I've obtained my Permaculture Teach Certificate, enhancing our ability to inspire and educate others on the principles that guide our farm

Podcast image, Julie guest with Soul Sister conversations hosts

Being a guest on an amazing podcast!

What an honor to be invited to be a guest and talk all things women supporting women with beautiful girls (Donna-Lee, Tanya & Prue). It was a great discussion on the power and value of showing up and how that can change the direction of someone's life

Grab a cuppa or jump on the wiper snip, stick in your ear pods, and have a listen.

The Cool ag people we get to meet

Julie and Kim Deans at a women who farm event

Hanging out with Kim Deans

I met Kim about 18months ago in a mentor program, how lucky was I to score her as my coach!! We have so much in common and when we get chatting soil, alternative farming & permaculture there‘s no stopping us. So it was brilliant to meet up in person at a local “Women who Farm“ event on soil health this month! So enriching for the soul & brain! You can find out more about Kim and her work at

Mick Green, Shannon Humphris, Brian Welhberg & Rachel Ward standing together in a paddock on a regenerative farming workshop

Landcare Regen Ag Field Day

Shannon got to hang out for the day at Missabotti with one of our great mentors Brian Wehlburg from Inside Out Management and meeting Mick Green and Rachel Ward, discussing what they up to on farm since the release of the film “Rachel’s Farm”:. Brian is an amazing educator of Holistic management, more info on what he does here:

Farming adventures

There's the beautiful sights and sounds of baby animals, the joys of watching their births, seeing them discover the world and all the cuddles we get to indulge in. They are such great time wasters and remind us why we love what we do so much!!

There's always baking and cooking, the early Spring seeds to go in and the joy in seeing the seedlings emerge.

We are back to planting into our deciduous food forest area, lots of adding organic matter and planning out more of our goals for these areas.

So many stunning early Spring flowers appearing in all their splendor from peach trees to mangoes, plums, wasabi, apples and blueberries. The Jeruselum artichokes are emerging along with the yacon shoots.

And as always there's been some great learning! Shannon met some ag super heros including Dr Christine Jones & Colin Seis and the great opportunity to zoom with Nicole Masters.

Flowers in bloom
Baby goat

New babies

Welcoming new life on the farm never gets old!!

Firstly let us introduce the beautifully sweet "Skye" a Maremma puppy who although right now is a fluffy little ball of fun will one day be our farm guardian dog. A wonderful Italian sheepdog breed whose ability to guard over the livestock is second to none.

  • Also, this morning a "not so little" bull calf arrived, a gorgeous Friesian x fleckvieh, named "Ivanov". Fleckvieh is a dual-purpose breed for milk and meat and were used once upon a time as draft oxen. They originated from Central Europe and can weigh up to 1.4 tons and reach a height of up to 5.5 feet. Yep, he will be a big boy!
  • Finally "Sweet Pea" has arrived! Beautiful little jersey heifer calf who will one day be our next generation of house cow.
8 week old Skye the Mareema Pup
Ivanof the calf with his mumma 
"Sweet Pea" week old jersey calf, beautiful bug eyes"

Living the good life

Sweet new born lamb with mumma sheep in watching over him
Julie holding a newborn lamb
Peach harvest, fruit in basket
Garlic harvest hanging up to dry
Branch of Leaves Frame

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